Jamie & Kristina

Are getting married!


What's happening?

There'll be music, food, drinking, dancing, games, a new name (the Evawins), probably some rain, and lots of fun!

We're not really having a "wedding" wedding. More of a wedding party done in as close to festival style as we can replicate.

Rough plan:

  • 17:00 - Arrive. Chill. Have a drink.
  • 17:30 - We say "I do". Happy tears.
  • 18:00 - More chilling. Games. Photos.
  • 19:00 - Food. Drinks. Cake.
  • 19:30 - Dance, chill etc.
  • Sunset - Bonfire. Marshmallows.
  • Night-time - Dancing!

Where's it happenin'?

Barnutopia, Tanycoed Farm
SY10 9BS


There's a car park for those camping, and taxi services to take you to the nearby B&Bs. There's also a train station 8 miles away.

Travel details and taxi services


Scroll right. Click/tap to open.

It's a converted barn in Oswestry, complete with yurts, bunkhouses, toilets, showers, a kitchen, and pigs and piglets 🐷 🐖 🐽.

What should I wear?

It's a farm, in August. It might rain but it should be warm. We want you to think of it as a festival. Bring a waterproof, just in case.

Gentlemen: if you want to wear a shirt, that's cool. Thin jumper and t-shirt? Go for it. Perhaps with nice jeans or cords.

The groom's wearing:

  • Suit trousers
  • A shirt (rolled up sleeves)
  • A waistcoat
  • Possibly a bow or tie for the ceremony

Something like these:

Ladies: whip out that gorgeous summer dress. Don those nice trousers and blouse. Whatever you feel comfortable in.

The bride's wearing...well, you know.

Where can I stay?

You've got a few options:


We have a few yurts included with the venue that we're happy to offer for £20 per person for the night (£5 cheaper than the nearest B&B), which'll help us cover the cost of the shindig.

Sleeping arrangements are communal but we're not fussed on filling them to capacity so you might end up with some spares in your yurt, or we'll match you up with people you know. If you're cool with that, tell us in your R.S.V.P., we'll be in touch once everyone's confirmed and check you're happy with any potential yurt-mates. :)


The easiest option is to camp. There's plenty of room on the site for it. There are toilets, showers, and a kitchen.

Full details on camping here (ignore the cost, it's included in our venue hire)

If you're camping, you're welcome to arrive around 16:30 to set up your tent.

Nearby B&Bs

If camping's not your thang, there are a few B&B options nearby. The nearest is a 17-minute walk away, or you can book a taxi or drive if you're staying off the sauce.

Nearest 3 B&Bs

Wedding gifts

Weddings are (an) expensive (pain in the ass), so we really appreciate you just turning up to ours! You being there is, honestly, more than enough of a gift. But, if you still want to give us something, we'd appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon fund (using PayPal).
We're thinking of doing a road trip across the US, or trekking in Patagonia next year, when we've saved up a bit more.

Individual contribution amounts are not shown. You can also contribute anonymously if you prefer.

Contribute here


Ickle warning...

You should receive a confirmation email after you submit. If you don't, panic. Something's gone wrong!

When you're done panicking, please email us manually to let us know you're attending and that Jamie sucks at coding:

[email protected]